Five Reasons to Run MK Marathon

I may not have been able to think of five reasons for myself (see yesterday's blog: Three Things),  however five reasons for ANYONE to run at the Milton Keynes Marathon Weekend?  

That's easy:

1.  The course

Now...I'm not a great fan of ever going to Milton Keynes.  You think Milton Keynes, you think: traffic, roundabouts, people, shopping.  Not great.  HOWEVER, the course of the marathon and the half takes you through parts of Milton Keynes you never would have known existed.  Parks, woodland, lakes.  And it's flat.  Bonus!

2.  The support

People.  Are.  Everywhere.   But in a good way! When I completed both the half marathon and the full marathon, I never felt alone.  All the supporters where happy to see you.  The crowds, the crew, everyone.  It was great.

3.  The stadium finish

You finish in a stadium.  And it's a great stadium.  I've done this twice now (once in the full, once in the half) and it was a truly wonderful experience at both.

4.   The goodies

I've said it before and I'll say it again.  The medals have cows on them.  COWS.  As do the t-shirts.  Cow medal and a cow technical tee for the finishers and a great goodie bag.  You can also purchase an event hoodie as part of your registration.  Highly recommend this hoodie.  I have two and they are so comfortable.

5.  Extra bling

IF you run the marathon relay, half marathon or full marathon on the Monday AND run the Rocket 5K on the Sunday you get the following:

 - a rocket medal for the 5K
 - a cow medal for the Monday event
 - a third challenge medal (with cow) for two days of running 

Three medals!

What are you waiting for?  Enter Now!


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