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My First Sober Wedding

Saturday.  Day 55.  I wake up.  Shit.  I'm going to a wedding today.
Weddings are a drinker's paradise.  An excuse to get drunk, binge all day, whilst everyone around you is doing the same.  You won't (or shouldn't) stand out.  You're drunk.  Everyone is drunk!  It's a wedding.  It's a time of celebration.  That means drinking.
I may well be exaggerating, but there is no denying that weddings and drinking go hand in hand.  Every wedding I've ever been too, people drink, some too much, lots of fun, lots of tears, headaches in the morning.
My own experience at weddings, particularly recently, is to get as drunk as possible. 
Example 1 At a wedding in Australia.  Australian weddings have a HUGE break following the ceremony.  So me and a couple of others went to a hotel.  Drank ALL the cocktails.  At the wedding breakfast there was lots and lots and LOTS and lots of wine.  Free wine.  I don't remember much else apart from throwing up over a wall outside…

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