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MK Marathon Ambassador 2018 - The Race

The final blog of the MK Marathon Ambassador blogs for my running club.  View original blog post here: MK Marathon Ambassador 2018 - The Race!

It’s me again!  Following on from Part Two, the MK Marathon Weekend has been and gone.  What happened to my plans?  Did I follow them?  What did JG do?  Well…
At the time of the previous blog, my aim was to run 10 miles that weekend.  When training for a half marathon, if you can get to 10 miles in your training then you’re already there.  If you can run 10 miles, then you can run a half marathon – it’s only a parkrun to go!  I went out with some of the club ladies and ended up being sick from the heat.  Ran and walked 6.2km and got home again.  Bad times.
Not to worry, I can still do 10 miles this week.  I ended up not being well at all the next week and life got in the way of my plans.  Other than a couple of swim sessions, I turned up to the Rocket 5K on Sunday with no running in me and I was full of doubt…
MK Rocket 5K
Well this is a lovely litt…

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