The Fourth Ten

Since my last post I appear to have had some small breakthroughs. 

First up there as the Waddesdon Manor 5K on 19th August.  This event sees you essentially run up a hill to the manor, run in front of the manor (gorgeous) and run back down the hill.

It was a great run.  Lots of club members there too.  Got a high five from the Chairman during the run.  He was already on his way back down the hill, I was still going up!

I was pretty pleased with my effort.  28:54. My PB is 27:54.   This was the first time I’d run under 30 minutes for a 5K in quite some time.  The downhill clearly helped, but it was uphill first!  Happy times.

Following this, I was running more (not loads) and was still putting off my weekend running.  I’ve come to realise I have a running fear.  I can’t run on my own.  I mean, I’m sure I can, but…I can’t.  Even getting to the club for the club run, I think: I could just run this.  It’s only a mile. And there I am walking it.

I went to Cornwall for my nephew’s Christening and whilst there thought it would be a good idea to run around.  My brother mapped out a horribly hilly course for me.  I went out.  I got lost.  And then I walked a lot.  5 Miles of rain and the steepest hills I’ve ever seen.  Really.

The next weekend I was going to run 8 miles.  Chickened out of that too.  Went swimming instead.  That was interesting…I’d not been swimming since my swimming lessons.  Went into the big pool.  Panicked. Terrifying.  But didn’t drown.  Grabbed my trusty float and kicked away for half an hour.  Better than nothing!

Then it was Sunday.  Bearbrook 10K.

I hadn't heard of this event before. It's a popular event with the club, so of course I signed up.  I didn't know how it would go.  The last 10K I ran was three weeks previously.  62:57 on that one.  Which was great.  I was getting better from the 10Ks before that.

So I just went out and ran.  Stayed comfortable, but pushing.  I was following a fellow club member for a while who kept me going.  It was a bit hilly.  Three climbs in a row.  Tough.  Challenging.  But doable.

I started looking at my watch and realised I could beat 62 minutes.  Ooh, I could get a PB.  So I kept pushing.  8K came and went.  9K came and I went.  Probably a bit too early, but I just went.

Got to the rugby club, saw my brother who'd already finished, gave me a boost.  Then saw the club who cheered me on.  Another boost.

Around the field.  And in.  Finished.  Looked at my watched. 60:40.  Oh my goodness! A PB!  Amazing.  Checked my official results 60:39.  Even better!

Couldn't believe it.  It was a tough course.  The hills at the end, one after the other, hot hot day.

Fartlek must have helped with this.  I've been going every week.  Fingers crossed this helps with all my training.  Consistency is key.

Next events are the Stopsley 10 Mile this Sunday and the Kimbolton Half Marathon the week after.

I can do this.  I know I can.


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