Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon

Another Sunday, another race.  This week it was the Kimbolton Castle Half Marathon.

I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from this race.  It should just be a training run.  I’m trying to increase my mileage with a 16 mile training run to aim for next week (yikes!). The aim therefore was just to take it steady and get myself round.

JB was running this event also and opted to run round with me.  This was good and a bit of a boost.  

The race starts and finishes at Kimbolton Castle.  It’s not a castle at all, but a big country house at Kimbolton School.  A quick Google search tells me it was the final home of Catherine of Aragon.  Wonderful.  It is a beautiful setting.  And quite relaxing.  It was also a gorgeous day….warm.  Sigh!

So off we went.  The event is dubbed an undulating course.  I remember looking at the profile, but come the race, I could not remember a thing about it.  

A few km in, we were chatting away and we both suddenly thought we’ve been going uphill since the start.  This can’t be good. We were then trying to remember what the profile looked like.  We couldn’t.  But this is it:

So essentially it’s up steadily for a long time.  Then a short, sharp climb.  Then down.  Then another short, sharp climb.  Then down again.  Not what I would describe as undulating, but still.  No complaints really.  It was decided this is excellent training.

The pace was pretty steady throughout and I was consistent.  I had a bit of a moan at the first steep climb and there were some chaps running behind me who kept talking and just making noise.  Nothing wrong with this whatsoever, but I get irritated by everything when I’m pushing myself and hate all noise and people.  JB can vouch for this as I often take it out on him!  I made it up though, didn’t walk.  Happy times.

The second steep climb was not so good, however.  I started to panic.  It happens.  I was tired, my legs were aching.  I was emotional so I said “nope, I’m not doing it” and walked up it.  It happens.  I kept moving.  I pumped my arms.  Got to the top.  Started running again.

From there it was downhill to the finish.  On looking at my watch and doing some maths with my tired brain I realised I could be close to my PB (2:15:01) now.  How brilliant!  In this excitement, I sped up.  I sped up a lot!  I sped up too much.  In all my excitement, I was pushing just a bit too much, too much, too soon!  I blew up and it was gone.  I couldn’t keep going at that pace.  I wouldn’t have got a PB anyway, but still!  I am happy with the time.  2:16:25. On the next flat half I do, perhaps it’ll happen then!

I shouldn’t really be worrying about PBs at the moment and just focus on training and getting my miles in.  It’s always nice when it happens though!

Massive thank you to the other half for running round with me and putting up with my panic and moaning.  He is wonderful.

So I’m still feeling confident and pretty happy with how my running is going at the moment.  Next up, I’ve got to attempt a 16 mile training run this weekend.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to do it, but if I can get over a half marathon distance, perhaps just 14 miles, I’ll be happy.


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