My Birthday. The Hurt. St Albans.

My Birthday

It’s official.  I’m no longer 30. I’ve moved into my thirties.  Brilliant.

I spent my birthday morning at work. Clients gave me flowers, coffee and other lovely things.

The afternoon was spent having bottomless bubbles with my mum, sister, and best friend.

The evening was spent doing shots.  Many shots.  So many shots that the pub stopped serving me shots.  Excellent day.

The following day I was full of hangover and regret.  “Why did I get that drunk? What am I doing? Everything hurts.”

So then the weekend celebrations for my birthday began.  In my hungover and overly emotional state JB and I set off to the station to go to Dorking.  Being hungover isn’t great anyway.  Being hungover on trains and the underground.  Help.

Anyway, we arrived in Dorking and at our hotel which was just incredible.  I had a little lie down. JB went for a wander.  I woke up and then off we went outside to have afternoon tea! A JG favourite.  JB knows how to treat me.

The Hurt

The next day we were picked up by my brother and headed down the road to Peaslake for an event called The Hurt.  It really did hurt.

JB did a half marathon.  My brother and I did 10.5K. This is the profile:

Horrendous isn’t it!  So many hills.  I basically had to walk most of it.  Really struggled.  I mean, look at this:

But when I realised it didn’t matter, I had the best time ever. Smiled the whole way round.  Half way round, at the top of Holmbury Hill, there was the water stop.  I stopped. Had a look around.  Took in the most incredible views.  I was still feeling emotional.  Had a little moment.  And then...I carried on to the end.  Only fell over once.  On a flat bit.  Wonderful.

Super proud of my brother completing his first ever running event.  I hadn’t given him enough credit for his running...he’s fairly new.  But he smashed it.  Brilliant run from him.  And excellent run from JB.  He smashed it as well!

It was such a fantastic event. So small.  Gorgeous.  We’re planning on heading back next year.  JB wants to go faster!  I’ll try the half marathon next time.  Two loops of the profile above.  Nuts! 

I do wish I hadn't been so drunk on my birthday.  I upset JB.  Again.  I need to make this right.  Other than that it was a fantastic weekend and I had a brilliant birthday away.  Roll on next year!

St Albans Half Marathon

The following weekend was the St Albans Half Marathon.   This was to be my brother's first half marathon.  Met him at the start.  I could see he was nervous.  He had a plan in his head.  He was going to run with me for the first five miles to keep a steady pace and then he'd speed off and go (he's faster than me).  Great plan.  So off we went...

...the plan did not work. And this was my fault.  I was still feeling the effects of a Friday night in the pub which was...awful.  My legs were heavy.  I was tired.  It was hot. SO. HOT.  Got about a mile in and I said to Mike I was already struggling.  Asked him if he was going to be ok.  Told him to just stay steady and only go later if he felt he could.  He said he'd be fine and off he went.  I then walked a little bit.  And then a lot. I had a really really bad race.

St Albans is another great event.  Big event.  A lot of people. Super hilly.  Like...constant hills.  Up down up down up up down up down.  Relentless.  I did not conquer it. But I did finish.

Found Mike at the end.  He stormed round.  Got a 2:07 for his first ever half marathon.  What an absolute hero!  Lots more to come from him.  And he's officially caught the running bug!

I know I had not been training enough for these races and starting drinking again had really affected the training and the events themselves.  It's pushed it into me some more that if I'm going to complete Snowdonia Marathon then I cannot be drinking.  I cannot drink through the training.  I will never get out and run if I do.  It's hard enough finding the motivation to get out and run without being either drunk or hungover just all the time.  I can do this.

I also don't want to hurt JB anymore.  I've said this again and again, but it's just not fair on him.  He doesn't deserve this.

And I want to sort my own life out.  I'm tired of being stressed.  I'm tired of being sad.  I'm tired of being drunk.  I'm tired of being tired.  What's the point of it all.  I don't want to do it anymore.

Next race....Trail Half Marathon Wales.  This one I am scared about....


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