Sheffield Half Marathon

Sunday was the Sheffield Half Marathon.   I was nervous about doing this one as I had not done enough running in the lead up to it and definitely didn’t have the miles in my legs.   I pulled my calf muscle a few weeks ago and already had to pull out of one event.

The run was pretty much 8km uphill from the start and 13km downhill from there.  Awful! I could not make it up the hills so the plan when I realised this was walk/run walk/run.  The climb is quite similar to the first climb in Snowdonia.  Hopefully after training I will be able to run up the whole thing there…in my mind though I was feeling dreadful and questioning whether I will be able to do Snowdonia…both the half in June and the full marathon in October.

Hit the top of the climb…spectacular views…and then the downhill was incredible and somehow managed a 10km PB in the middle of it!

I could not have managed it at all without my friend Vicki sticking by my side. I saw some retirement points along the way and really felt like giving up!  I didn’t though…thanks to her! Thanks Vicki.

I crossed the line in 2:22:08.  My second fastest half marathon time!

At the finish we were given our medal and a pint of Erdinger Alcohol Free.  Anyone who follows my Instagram will see I have given up alcohol for lent so this was a welcome surprise. 

I am still feeling quite apprehensive about the year and what I may or may not achieve.

I have recently joined a running club – the Leighton Fun Runners – who are a great bunch and really supportive.  Being part of the club is also making me go out to run so fingers crossed my training for the remainder of the year will be quite structured.  Positive thoughts!

Next events – Aldbury 5 on 23rd April and the MK Rocket 5K and MK Half Marathon, May Bank Holiday weekend.


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